Moving is a big step, so people often look for cheaper alternatives like home extensions. Choose a reputable company like Precise Construction Limited for an extension in Esher, and you can utilize the extra space for long-term benefits. They plan the extension with much patience and ensure to deliver desired results within your budget. If you want to make the most of your home extension, consider few vital points before choosing a suitable design.

Tips to choose best design for your home extension

Points To Consider When Choosing A Design For Your Home Extension

  • Plan

You can either choose from an open or broken plan when designing a home extension. Removing internal walls to create more space has almost become a trend during interior design. Choose an open plan for your home extension if you want it to look bigger. All the open-plan extensions are beautifully designed. You can even create a spacious effect by designing the broken-plan layout with glass partitions and extra-wide doorways.

  • Colour Scheme

Though you can choose from various colour schemes for your home extension, choose one which reflects your lifestyle and match your existing home décor. If you like traditional designs, select farmhouse style with natural colours and pastels like blue or green. A monochrome colour scheme or one with contrasting colours looks good in a modern home extension. Interior designers prefer contrasting bold colours to create a modern, stunning and elegant look.

  • Artwork

An easy way you can give your home extension an attractive look is by adding a few artworks. They enrich a gorgeous interior space. Instead of choosing a random piece of artwork, consider the colour scheme of the room. You can even ask your design team to shortlist some stunning and unique art collections for your interiors. To give your extension a cohesive look, choose a colour scheme that matches the colours used in the artwork.

  • Light

You can save energy bills and enhance the appeal of your interior by including more natural lighting options in your home interiors. An easy way you can allow more natural light to enter is through a skylight. You can choose from various types of skylights to match your interior design. Your builder will discuss the available lighting options so that you can choose one that fits your budget.


Consider the points stated above when choosing a design for your home extension and get in touch with the experts at Precise Construction Limited.