Be it a house extension, a new build or some simple renovation task – it is always necessary to work with experienced and licensed builders in and around Surrey to obtain the best service. 

Hiring Professional Builders

A lot of names can pop up on your computer screen when you search for the best builder in Surrey on the internet. Some of them are really reputable and reliable. Some may be new to this trade. However, working with an experienced and well-settled company has a lot of benefits. Often homeowners make costly mistakes while hiring building services. 

Let’s identify those common mistakes and understand how to avoid them.

Know the Mistakes and Avoid Them Easily

Looking for the Cheapest Option

When you get quotes from various building contractors, you should not pick one only because it is the cheapest one. While a cheap service does not necessarily mean that it is a bad one, there is still a probability that a below-average service is being offered by a company that asks for the cheapest rate in the market. So, do not make the cost of the service the key deciding factor while choosing a builder. Consider other important factors like experience, reliability, services and insurance.

Not Considering Experience

Building and construction works demand vast experience. These works are full of challenges, and only a knowledgeable team can be aware of the tricks to overcome them easily. They have in-depth ideas about all the tools, techniques and potential risk factors. Hence, an experienced builder can keep you safe from big losses or damages during the project. 

Not Comparing the Costs of Different Builders

Even if you ask for a quote from the first builder you come across, never settle down with one. Wait until you get more quotes from 4 or 5 more builders. Hiring a professional construction expert without comparing the costs of various companies is a costly mistake. Cost comparison will help you to get a service that is budget-friendly as well as efficient.

Poor Communication

A lack of communication with your builder can cost you more than your budget. You need to be very specific and clear about your requirements from the beginning. Have thorough discussions with your builder to let them understand what you want and how things should be done.


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