Why You Should Look For Professional Building Services

New Builds

Building a new home is always exciting. It is daunting as well until you get the assistance of professional building contractors. Whether you are planning to build a new home for your family or renovate the existing ones – the service of a licensed and insured builder should be your goal. 

There are several benefits of working with a team of building contractors with high experience and a great reputation in the local market of Dorking. They have the skill and style to perform challenging tasks in the smoothest way possible. 

Why You Should Look For Professional Building Services

Here are a few great advantages of seeking building and construction services from professional builders in Surrey.

5 Key Benefits Of Working With Licensed Builders

Great Experience

The benefit of working with licensed builders is utilising their skills and experience in building your dream home. Top builders obtain their validation through the license. This is proof of their excellence in a specific field of work. It is not possible to obtain a license without proper experience. You can be sure about the best results from such an experienced team.

Premium Quality 

Experienced and licensed builders always work with top-class materials to guarantee premium quality services to their clients. Whether you are renovating your kitchen or building a new home, the best quality products will give you flawless results every time. Hiring a licensed builder will ensure the highest standard of the job.

Wide Range of Services

Licensed builders are qualified enough for offering a wide range of services to meet the versatile requirements of their clients. Whether you wish to refurbish your old home, get a new build or extend your house with some new establishments – these experts can deliver the right kind of works as per your project style and need.

Comprehensive Service with Better Execution

Licensed building contractors always follow specific work processes to keep things on track. From the first visit to the site till the final delivery of the project – they maintain a professional approach to ensure better execution of the planning.


Reputable and licensed companies always maintain the market standard of pricing while determining the cost of their building services. That means you can get something reasonably priced for your property when you deal with these experts.


Precise Construction is one such company that offers complete building solutions at affordable costs. We are your trusted builders in Surrey with vast experience. Our company is fully licensed and offer insured services.

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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Building Your New Home

Home Extensions

Often people get confused between new builds and home extensions. Both are good in their own ways. Both these options can offer you plenty of functional space to fulfil the requirements of your family and match your current lifestyle. Unfortunately, often homeowners make mistakes while building a new home. 

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If you are about to start a new build project in Surrey, you should know some of the common mistakes that often homeowners make. In this blog, we will discuss these mistakes of new builds and how to avoid them.

Top 4 Mistakes Regarding New Builds

Not Understanding the Difference between New Builds and Custom Build

All the new builds are not necessarily custom build. Custom build is something where everything will be designed and developed based on your specific requirements. Though new builds can have customised features to match the requirements and budget of clients, custom builds are exclusively made.

Selecting the Home Builder Based on Price Only

Building a new home is not an expensive venture. However, that should not mean you would pick a home builder only because he offers a low price. There should be certain factors that you consider before hiring a particular service. You need to check their experience, reliability and credibility as a professional home builder. The price should also be an option, but not the only one.

Hire the Very First Builder You Come Across

If you plan to hire the very first home builder you meet at Dorking without checking any other option, it would be a costly mistake. You should at least talk to five different companies to know about their services and cost. Compare their costs, experience, quality and range of service. Choose the one which seems most affordable and reliable to you.

Overlooking the Details

While building a new home, there are lots of details that one must pay attention to. As the owner of the property, you should monitor the works of your home builders and have a close look at those details such as the HVAC, plumbing, insulation, guttering and others. The safety and durability of your new builds depend on these matters to a great extend. Hence, you should not ignore this matter.

Precise Construction is a highly experienced company that provides assistance for new builds in Weybridge and surrounding areas. Our team of highly talented builders also offer refurbishment services for property located in this area.


You can get in touch with us to know more about our new build services.

Important Things To Consider While Planning A New Build

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Planning to build a new house can be an overwhelming task. You get the opportunity to create a space that fits your need. Building a house can feel too much to deal with for some, considering the variables and completion time. This is why it is advisable to consult professional builders in Reigate. If you want to fit your choices and selections within an agreed timeline of the building completion, this is the wisest step to take. 

Things To Consider While Planning A New Build

5 Points to Consider Before Beginning a New Build Project 

1. Ready-Made or Original Design  

While building a new home, a major decision is to choose between ready-made designs or something original. This is why it is suggested to take some professional advice before you plan a new build. Look into the original designs and structures of the pre-built homes. Sit for discussions with the builders and come to a decision. The project managers will help you with everything – from budget tracking to balancing, sample designs and blueprints, handling manuals and closeout data, etc.  

2. Working With An Architect 

Consider a reputable architect who will understand your needs and implement every creative detail. They will help you design and build a new home from scratch. Since new build projects are a significant investment, the builders will ensure you get to spend a relaxing time with your family.   

3. Plan Your Space   

In this aspect, there are some basic principles that you should consider. You should always prefer to locate the living and dining room in the south direction. Since it receives maximum sunlight, you can spend maximum time there.  

Adding windows is another critical factor. Next comes dividing the home into zones. The day zone will consist of the living room, dining room, guest bedroom, kitchen, office, etc. Plan and design the night zone separately, including the walk-in closet, master bedroom, and baths. Recreation areas like gyms are modern home convenience.  

4. The Material Choice  

A good home should last for decades. You should rely on the builders for extension in Surrey for sturdy projects. They arrange the best quality material and ensure the building is well constructed. You can get your own choice of material like wood, ceramics, or concrete. There are pre-fabricated elements which is a cost-effective option.  

5. Set A Budget  

Prepare a checklist and use your time to determine the cost of every item. Remember to consider labor and material costs, down payments, property taxes. If you are working within a tight budget, you should learn to figure out your priorities.  

Focus on these three points- 

  • Building budget 
  • Furnishing budget 
  • Finishing budget  


For more details, consult the team of professional builders in Precise Construction. They help create new build properties as per client requirements.  

How Should You Select the Right Builder for Your New Build?

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Selecting the right builder for your new build is not easy. You might find a long list of builders in Cobham and adjoining areas who claim to offer great construction services. Some of them might have vast experience in the industry of building and renovation. However, finding the right company for new builds can be touch because of various reasons.

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Why You Need an Expert for Your New Build Project?

  • New builds are projects that need to be started from scratch.
  • Professional builder companies have experts in various departments to finish a new build project successfully.
  • They have worked on various new build projects, which give them confidence and increase their skill.
  • These experts are well aware of the challenges that are associated with such construction projects. 
  • From getting the design layout to selecting the right materials – they can help you in various aspects of the construction of a new home.
  • Considering all these factors, you cannot ignore the importance of hiring expert builders for your new home in Cobham.

Factors to Consider While Hiring a Builder

  • Experience: Ensure that the builder you wish to select has vast experience in relevant work. Ensure that the company has undertaken many successful construction projects so far to fulfil their clients’ requirements. 
  • Wide Range of Services: From bricklaying to flooring – the company should have a wide range of services that you need to complete building your dream home. One company should offer you every service that you need to construct a new building.
  • Planning Permission Assistance: Professional builders often help their clients regarding planning permission. They suggest you the right plan that can obtain the permit easily. They plan the design layout in such a way that you can get approval without much hassle. Ensure that the company you hire has this capability.
  • Understand Your Requirement: Whether you are building this new house to get the right accommodation for your growing family or need to build a modern and stylish home – the builder must understand your requirements. The reliable ones always work closely with their clients to get a clear view of their needs so that they can turn their dreams into reality.
  • Competitive Price: You should ask for free quotes from various builders in your locality. Collect their quotes and then compare them all. You will get a quote that is the lowest, one of the most affordable and reasonable for you. That should be your builder. However, you should not compromise the quality of the work to get something pocket-friendly. Hence, you must ensure that you will get something high in quality at a competitive price.


At Precise Construction, we offer a wide range of building and renovation services. From new builds to refurbishment – we have experts to fulfill all your construction needs at the right price. For us, nothing is more important than our clients’ happiness. We pride ourselves on delivering reliable, affordable and professional services.

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Common Mistakes You Should Avoid During Home Extension

New Builds

Extending your home will become easier with the right builders by your side. They will understand your requirements and extend your home with exact specifications. Most of the builders in Dorking have years of experience in the industry and know that improper planning can lead to disastrous results. If you want to extend your home without any hassle, make a bit of research and approach experienced builders. They can help you avoid common mistakes so you can make effective construction decisions.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid During Home Extension

Need Home Extension In Dorking? 3 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • Improper Planning

Good space planning is an integral part of every home extension project, so hire experienced builders for the task. Their complete focus should be on the extension’s design. They should include adequate storage space. If you are planning to use the extension as a bedroom, they should check whether there is a provision to include a big walk-in closet. Homeowners should have the freedom to include or remove a few features from the design plan. The storage space planning should not consume too much living space. Build a large extension if you need more space.

  • Ignoring Your Lifestyle

Builders should pay adequate attention when designing the room and storage space, irrespective of how the homeowner wants to use the extension in Dorking. It is their responsibility to check whether the overall planning is good enough. They should consider your habits and lifestyles before they start constructing the extension. If you are planning to use the new room for your kids, inform your builder so that they can include a few safety features. Considering the long-term needs of your extension will let you enjoy your stay in the home for a longer duration.

  • Not Considering Its Use

Though you can reap numerous benefits with a home extension, consider its use before the builder starts building it. A game room, playroom, or multipurpose room might sound exciting but first, ensure you need it. If you are using the treadmill for the last few months to dry your clothes, it won’t be wise to extend your home and create a separate gym room. The under-utilized extension room often becomes a dumping ground to put those things you seldom use, so understand its needs first.


Since you are now aware of the common mistakes people make during home extension, choose the right builder and it will become easier for you to avoid those.

4 Tips To Choose The Best Design For Your Home Extension

Precise Construction

Moving is a big step, so people often look for cheaper alternatives like home extensions. Choose a reputable company like Precise Construction Limited for an extension in Esher, and you can utilize the extra space for long-term benefits. They plan the extension with much patience and ensure to deliver desired results within your budget. If you want to make the most of your home extension, consider few vital points before choosing a suitable design.

Tips to choose best design for your home extension

Points To Consider When Choosing A Design For Your Home Extension

  • Plan

You can either choose from an open or broken plan when designing a home extension. Removing internal walls to create more space has almost become a trend during interior design. Choose an open plan for your home extension if you want it to look bigger. All the open-plan extensions are beautifully designed. You can even create a spacious effect by designing the broken-plan layout with glass partitions and extra-wide doorways.

  • Colour Scheme

Though you can choose from various colour schemes for your home extension, choose one which reflects your lifestyle and match your existing home décor. If you like traditional designs, select farmhouse style with natural colours and pastels like blue or green. A monochrome colour scheme or one with contrasting colours looks good in a modern home extension. Interior designers prefer contrasting bold colours to create a modern, stunning and elegant look.

  • Artwork

An easy way you can give your home extension an attractive look is by adding a few artworks. They enrich a gorgeous interior space. Instead of choosing a random piece of artwork, consider the colour scheme of the room. You can even ask your design team to shortlist some stunning and unique art collections for your interiors. To give your extension a cohesive look, choose a colour scheme that matches the colours used in the artwork.

  • Light

You can save energy bills and enhance the appeal of your interior by including more natural lighting options in your home interiors. An easy way you can allow more natural light to enter is through a skylight. You can choose from various types of skylights to match your interior design. Your builder will discuss the available lighting options so that you can choose one that fits your budget.


Consider the points stated above when choosing a design for your home extension and get in touch with the experts at Precise Construction Limited.

Latest Interior Design Tips For Your Extension In Dorking

Precise Construction

Moving to a new home is a significant investment. So, homeowners look for cheaper alternatives like home extensions. Your builder will fulfill your needs for some extra space by extending your current property. You can utilize the extra space for long-term benefits. Your builder will plan the extension with much patience and ensure to deliver desired results within your budget.

Interior Design Tips

 If you are planning to sell your house soon, the extension will help you earn few extra pounds. You can reap all the benefits offered by an extension in Dorking if you can choose the right interior design.

Few Interior Design Tips You Can Follow For Your Home Extension

  • Choose Between Broken Or Open Plan

You can choose between an open or broken plan for your extension. You can create open spaces by knocking down the internal walls. Homeowners widely prefer the open plan in Dorking as it makes a property look more extensive. A broken-plan extension, on the other hand, helps you create cosy spaces. You can separate rooms with glass partitions or extra-wide doorways. People in the living room can’t view the mess in the kitchen.

  • Choose A Suitable Colour Scheme

An integral part of every colour scheme is the interior design. Builders generally advice using pastels and natural colours for traditional farmhouse style kitchens. Blue and green will help you create the ambience you want. A monochrome colour scheme will look good in a modern extension. To give the new room an elegant and stunning look, use bold contrasting colours. Please choose the colour scheme wisely as it has a significant impact on the final look of your room.

  • Add Artwork

The artwork selection is very personal. Consider the colour scheme of your extension when choosing the artwork you want in that room, as the former heavily influence the latter. If possible, choose a colour scheme comprising of the bold primary colours in the artwork. Putting up any random artwork will impact the appeal of the interior design. If you specifically like any piece of art, use its colour as your colour scheme base. It will help in creating a cohesive look in your extension.

  • Let More Light Enter

An easy way to enhance the appeal of your extension interior is by allowing more light to enter the space. Generally, there are two sources of light; indoor lighting and natural lighting. If you want to reduce your energy bills, design an extension with large windows to enter more natural light. Another easy way to bring in more natural light is through a skylight. You can choose from various types of skylights according to your extension design. If you want to install indoor lighting, your interior designer might suggest a few options within your budget.


Follow the latest interior design tips stated above for your home extension and get in touch with the experts at Precise Construction for affordable home extension services. They know how to add value to your home with professional home extension services.

New House Construction or Shifting to An Existing Property – Which is Cheaper?

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The concept of a dream home may be shattered if you’re considering moving into an existing residential property. For obvious reasons, an existing property has already been built, so the least you can do is make some renovations to turn the same into your dream property. Rather than moving into a new one, consider building a new home for yourself!

Reigate builders

However, weighing the financial implications of building a new house frightens many. If you don’t have the contacts of the reputable Reigate builders in your hands, then a new construction can turn into a disaster.

If you’re still in the mood of taking some risk, check out the comparison between a new build house and an existing construction project. Read on and make your decisions accordingly.

How is newly build homes cheaper?

Cost-cutting on materials

If you already have a plot, then brickwork won’t cost you much! The significant expense for building a new house primarily is caused by the cost of the land that is being purchased. Once you’ve secured the same, you can easily make your home with reused materials and cheap labour as well. Reigate builders will give you cost-friendly designs wherein a small space you can accommodate a lot!

Electricity savings

New constructions are ecologically better in terms of thermal performance compared to the existing ones. Many house owners are not aware of this fact. However, this is a universal truth. So, if you’re planning on shifting to a newly constructed building, then you can expect fewer electricity bills. The new constructions are built with energy efficiency techniques. On the other hand, in the old ones, the electric lines would have leaks, and no energy efficiency build-up is possible. So, by saving some initial cost, you’ll have to bear a long-term recurring expense.

No maintenance expenses

Shifting to old residential properties are more like a gamble. Old houses are more susceptible to wear and tear. So, if you get into an old one, be ready to spend on maintenance expenses daily! Things are different with the new build-ups. There you can have peace of mind. Maybe the initial construction and decoration expenses might seem high. But after you’ve shifted, you can be relaxed and assured for the next ten years.

No refurbishment costs

In a self-build home, you can direct the builders from the beginning concerning every minute details. You can check the prices of tiles, fittings, paints, and compare the same with other expenses in the market. But in the case of existing ones, you can’t do this. Instead, you’ll have to bear refurbishment or replacement costs for the things that you don’t like and want to change in the existing house.


Precise Construction Ltd. is one such reputable builders in Reigate who can conceptualise your dream into reality. Our group of expert builders builds home as per your taste, style and preferences. To get newly build homes at the most competitive prices, contact us.

Why Should Your Builder Have Dedicated Project Manager?

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A construction job is not as easy as it seems. It involves a lot of tasks that have to be executed correctly to achieve the final goal. The role of a project manager is critical in this entire procedure. He is the one who will monitor and supervise every aspect of a construction project and ensure their flawless execution.

Home Construction Project Dorking

Basic Job Responsibilities of a Project Manager

Though different builders or construction companies allocate different types of job roles for their dedicated project managers according to the needs of individual projects, their basic job responsibilities remain the same.

  • They monitor and control every payment request and deliveries.
  • They also track the budget and balance daily operations.
  • They check drawings, samples, materials, their warranties and guarantees as well.
  • They ensure that your timeframe target and budgets are met at one point at the end of the project.
  • They always try to build and maintain a strong relationship with clients, vendors and suppliers.
  • They manage day-to-day activities of their colleagues while working as a team for a specific project.
  • They assess the challenges and plan an action to overcome the same without any hassle.

In short, a dedicated, trained and experienced project manager will be responsible for hassle-free, smart and fast execution of the project. Their job includes planning, implementation, tracking, controlling and closure of certain tasks.

For example, a dedicated project manager will check if the current type of materials have arrived at your site at the right time and will monitor how the staffs are using those items.

Why Your Construction Project Must Have a Manager?

You can feel relaxed and enjoy mental peace because a dedicated, efficient and trained expert will plan, monitor, and control the project. That person will supervise your project to make it successful and correctly delivered.

Reputable and experienced builders always have trained project managers in their team to finish every assignment on time without any hassle.


At Precise Construction Limited, we have experts who can monitor and control your construction project to accomplish it correctly.

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Plan a Successful Construction Project With Expert Builders


Home building or remodelling projects are a significant investment. To get the desired results, it is recommended to consult professional and expert builders from a reputed company. From essential planning to execution, they execute the task efficiently while keeping in mind the owners’ requirements. Hence, to go through a seamless construction project, you should pay careful attention to these tips and considerations.


Important Steps to Follow for a Building Project

1. Choosing specialised building professionals

To understand the detailed work scope and execute the project efficiently, it is necessary to consult the finest building contractors to get extraordinary results. You should start by hiring an architect who can provide you with the plan and design layouts. They also assist with material and colour selection, also giving information about other structural work. You can work alongside them on the flooring plans, kitchen, rooms and more. Before investing in the process, begin by meeting them personally to understand their services and work quality. Ensure whether they match up to your expectations and decide wisely.

2. Create a thorough plan

After choosing the builders and designers, it is time to start planning according to your outcome. By paying attention to some factors, you can reach your goals in no time. The builders will give you a schematic design for the project, like a rough layout, to better comprehend the interiors and exteriors. After making all additional changes to the schematics, it takes a week or more to come to a final decision. Never forget to state your preferences clearly and transparently.

3. Project Planning

This is the most crucial step to create a successful building construction. It takes place in the initiation phases when the building contractors and the client streamline the entire procedure for enhanced and effective outcomes. The experts will check the resource availability, also digging into the project constraints, if any. The aim is to thoroughly analyse its time and scope, prepare mitigation techniques for proper risk assessment and more. The professionals also ensure to monitor the entire process and adopt methods to improve it further.


The builders provide the clients with the needed deliverables. They are products that have the capability to perform the service proficiently. The builders convey the project objectives, set up the work schedule, and check whether the plan is practical and easy to understand. After dividing the project into phases with the builders, the builders get their allocated tasks. They also make adjustments as necessary.

At Precise Construction Ltd., we work with certified builders and project management experts in Surrey. The team strives to deliver outstanding building design and solutions with creativity, expertise and professionalism.