Sloping blocks are generally difficult sites for building new homes. Many assume new builds on slopes involve high costs. This is not an unrealistic assumption. Hence, if you are thinking of building a new home on a sloppy base, approach professional builders for a new build in Dorking. Be prepared for some additional expenses as well if you’re building a property on a sloping base. However, keeping aside the expenses, there are many benefits involved if you construct new builds on sloping properties. 

Sloping block types 

There are different types of sloping blocks where you can build a property. Opt for building a new build in Dorking with the help of these sloping blocks. When a house is built on a sloping block, you’ll experience an elevation in the property after the construction has been completed. 


  • Sloping up: In this type of slope, the low point is sloped down at the end of the road. 
  • Sloping down: In this type of slope, the high point is present at the end of the road. 
  • Cross fall: In this type of slope, the land is elevated either on the right or the left side of the property. 
  • Cross fall and sloping: In this type of slope, you will find the combination of the above two elevations. 

How to design a new home on sloping blocks?

You must select the right builders to build a good home on the sloping blocks. Experience, imagination and flexibility are the three qualities that must be present in the builder to ensure that you get the right type of home structure when building the same on a sloping block. To get started, the builders generally will start with the following points:


  • The builders will inspect the position, degree of elevation and nature of the property.
  • The builder will also analyse the property’s characteristics before proceeding with the construction part.
  • They will conduct a contour and design survey that will help them achieve an idea of the best structural design that should be implemented for the sloping block construction. 
  • Builders will add the creative aspects to the designs to make the property and construction viable. 


Hire a professional builder for the new build if you plan to construct the same on the sloping block. There are many restrictions like height restrictions, engineering restrictions and drainage problems. However, there are many positive aspects as well. Hire experts from Precise Construction Ltd, and you’ll get the expertise to build new homes on sloping blocks.