Moving to a new home is a significant investment. So, homeowners look for cheaper alternatives like home extensions. Your builder will fulfill your needs for some extra space by extending your current property. You can utilize the extra space for long-term benefits. Your builder will plan the extension with much patience and ensure to deliver desired results within your budget.

Interior Design Tips

 If you are planning to sell your house soon, the extension will help you earn few extra pounds. You can reap all the benefits offered by an extension in Dorking if you can choose the right interior design.

Few Interior Design Tips You Can Follow For Your Home Extension

  • Choose Between Broken Or Open Plan

You can choose between an open or broken plan for your extension. You can create open spaces by knocking down the internal walls. Homeowners widely prefer the open plan in Dorking as it makes a property look more extensive. A broken-plan extension, on the other hand, helps you create cosy spaces. You can separate rooms with glass partitions or extra-wide doorways. People in the living room can’t view the mess in the kitchen.

  • Choose A Suitable Colour Scheme

An integral part of every colour scheme is the interior design. Builders generally advice using pastels and natural colours for traditional farmhouse style kitchens. Blue and green will help you create the ambience you want. A monochrome colour scheme will look good in a modern extension. To give the new room an elegant and stunning look, use bold contrasting colours. Please choose the colour scheme wisely as it has a significant impact on the final look of your room.

  • Add Artwork

The artwork selection is very personal. Consider the colour scheme of your extension when choosing the artwork you want in that room, as the former heavily influence the latter. If possible, choose a colour scheme comprising of the bold primary colours in the artwork. Putting up any random artwork will impact the appeal of the interior design. If you specifically like any piece of art, use its colour as your colour scheme base. It will help in creating a cohesive look in your extension.

  • Let More Light Enter

An easy way to enhance the appeal of your extension interior is by allowing more light to enter the space. Generally, there are two sources of light; indoor lighting and natural lighting. If you want to reduce your energy bills, design an extension with large windows to enter more natural light. Another easy way to bring in more natural light is through a skylight. You can choose from various types of skylights according to your extension design. If you want to install indoor lighting, your interior designer might suggest a few options within your budget.


Follow the latest interior design tips stated above for your home extension and get in touch with the experts at Precise Construction for affordable home extension services. They know how to add value to your home with professional home extension services.