Planning to construct a new house is an important decision. For proper execution of the plan, you have to consider many factors. The work is huge and needs a lot of time and resources. However, thorough planning can help you to complete your project on time.

Choose Your Builder Wisely:

It is always advisable to invest in an experienced building contractor for fast and smooth work. It is challenging to build your house without expanding the budget estimates. The market value and extension of time prompt you to modify the costs multiple times.

How Can Your Overall House Construction Budget Get Affected?

Many factors can affect the total cost of construction. You have to consider them while working with a team of expert builders in Surrey. The factors are discussed in this blog in detail.

  1. Professional Fees: There are several consultation and construction fees that you have to consider. These costs vary according to the scale and extent of the project. You have to pay a number of fees to different agencies before beginning the construction work. These include building and occupancy permits, surveying and testing fees and many more. You also have to consider the fees for professional engineering services.
  2. Material Costs: It is important to invest in quality materials for a strong build. As a result, it impacts the total cost of construction. The material costs are generally categorised into site preparation and building structure. The materials generally have a fixed price, so this cost is non-negotiable.
  3. Labour Costs: The labour cost is one of the most important factors to add to your budget. Preparation of an estimated labour cost is the most challenging task while constructing your home. The labour hiring budget contains many costs, including hourly wages, holidays, sick leaves, and compensation costs.
  4. Property: The property’s value encompasses more than 60% of a project’s budget. The cost of the property may vary according to various conditions. If you build your house in a prominent location, you can expect the costs to go high. You also have to consider the additional property costs like real estate fees, taxes and financing costs.


Keeping these cost factors in mind while constructing your house is helpful. To get assistance from professionals without frequent changes in budget, contact Precise Construction. You can collaborate with skilled Esther builders to realise your dream home. From new build to house renovation, we provide you with various services.