The concept of a dream home may be shattered if you’re considering moving into an existing residential property. For obvious reasons, an existing property has already been built, so the least you can do is make some renovations to turn the same into your dream property. Rather than moving into a new one, consider building a new home for yourself!

Reigate builders

However, weighing the financial implications of building a new house frightens many. If you don’t have the contacts of the reputable Reigate builders in your hands, then a new construction can turn into a disaster.

If you’re still in the mood of taking some risk, check out the comparison between a new build house and an existing construction project. Read on and make your decisions accordingly.

How is newly build homes cheaper?

Cost-cutting on materials

If you already have a plot, then brickwork won’t cost you much! The significant expense for building a new house primarily is caused by the cost of the land that is being purchased. Once you’ve secured the same, you can easily make your home with reused materials and cheap labour as well. Reigate builders will give you cost-friendly designs wherein a small space you can accommodate a lot!

Electricity savings

New constructions are ecologically better in terms of thermal performance compared to the existing ones. Many house owners are not aware of this fact. However, this is a universal truth. So, if you’re planning on shifting to a newly constructed building, then you can expect fewer electricity bills. The new constructions are built with energy efficiency techniques. On the other hand, in the old ones, the electric lines would have leaks, and no energy efficiency build-up is possible. So, by saving some initial cost, you’ll have to bear a long-term recurring expense.

No maintenance expenses

Shifting to old residential properties are more like a gamble. Old houses are more susceptible to wear and tear. So, if you get into an old one, be ready to spend on maintenance expenses daily! Things are different with the new build-ups. There you can have peace of mind. Maybe the initial construction and decoration expenses might seem high. But after you’ve shifted, you can be relaxed and assured for the next ten years.

No refurbishment costs

In a self-build home, you can direct the builders from the beginning concerning every minute details. You can check the prices of tiles, fittings, paints, and compare the same with other expenses in the market. But in the case of existing ones, you can’t do this. Instead, you’ll have to bear refurbishment or replacement costs for the things that you don’t like and want to change in the existing house.


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