Planning to build a new house can be an overwhelming task. You get the opportunity to create a space that fits your need. Building a house can feel too much to deal with for some, considering the variables and completion time. This is why it is advisable to consult professional builders in Reigate. If you want to fit your choices and selections within an agreed timeline of the building completion, this is the wisest step to take. 

Things To Consider While Planning A New Build

5 Points to Consider Before Beginning a New Build Project 

1. Ready-Made or Original Design  

While building a new home, a major decision is to choose between ready-made designs or something original. This is why it is suggested to take some professional advice before you plan a new build. Look into the original designs and structures of the pre-built homes. Sit for discussions with the builders and come to a decision. The project managers will help you with everything – from budget tracking to balancing, sample designs and blueprints, handling manuals and closeout data, etc.  

2. Working With An Architect 

Consider a reputable architect who will understand your needs and implement every creative detail. They will help you design and build a new home from scratch. Since new build projects are a significant investment, the builders will ensure you get to spend a relaxing time with your family.   

3. Plan Your Space   

In this aspect, there are some basic principles that you should consider. You should always prefer to locate the living and dining room in the south direction. Since it receives maximum sunlight, you can spend maximum time there.  

Adding windows is another critical factor. Next comes dividing the home into zones. The day zone will consist of the living room, dining room, guest bedroom, kitchen, office, etc. Plan and design the night zone separately, including the walk-in closet, master bedroom, and baths. Recreation areas like gyms are modern home convenience.  

4. The Material Choice  

A good home should last for decades. You should rely on the builders for extension in Surrey for sturdy projects. They arrange the best quality material and ensure the building is well constructed. You can get your own choice of material like wood, ceramics, or concrete. There are pre-fabricated elements which is a cost-effective option.  

5. Set A Budget  

Prepare a checklist and use your time to determine the cost of every item. Remember to consider labor and material costs, down payments, property taxes. If you are working within a tight budget, you should learn to figure out your priorities.  

Focus on these three points- 

  • Building budget 
  • Furnishing budget 
  • Finishing budget  


For more details, consult the team of professional builders in Precise Construction. They help create new build properties as per client requirements.