It is extremely hard to create a useful space in an undersized home where the people’s needs are constantly growing. Whether it is the growing size of family or other necessities of inclusion like appliances or furniture, a sensible plan of home extension will fetch wonderful fruits for the need. In fact, a well-planned home extension plan will create more living space as well and you can definitely enjoy its benefits gradually once the set up is complete.

Home Extension

Know Why You Should Opt For Home Extension

  • With suitable plan and design, home extension can create an ideal space for living and accommodating more furniture.
  • It is much more cost-effective than buying a new home with bigger space, especially when you are dealing with budget constraints
  • A properly planned and well designed extension adds to the value of the entire property, so when the time comes, putting the home on sale can bring good deals.
  • You can also put the extended portion of your home on rent that will help you to rake in money continuously.

Which Are The Most Recommended Home Extension Types?

Mostly, there are three types of home extension types that are availed by people, that are:

  • Wrap-Around Extensions

Wrap-around extensions are a combination of side and rear extensions that provide the clients with maximum space. They are, in majority of cases, opted to be used in kitchen and extend it to be a spacious kitchen and dining area, along with single big room or multiple small rooms. This extension noticeably alters the profile of living space by offering utmost flexibility.

  • Multiple Storey Extensions

This kind of home extension brings substantial improvement to the internal space of home at a nominal cost. A well-planned side extension or multi-storey extension provides room for unhindered ventilation and adequate space for meeting the customer’s exclusive requirements.

  • Extension For Single Storey

Single storey extensions are conducted either on the side portion or on the rear side. This can be an excellent option for opening up an additional area at home and this method, is extremely cost effective as well, causing little to no disruptions. There are different kind of design available for this.


Seek Professional Help For Extension Plans

It is better to hire professional building and construction companies instead of local or independent contractors for home extensions. Contact Precise Construction Ltd. today to know more about our bouquet of services.