Often people get confused between new builds and home extensions. Both are good in their own ways. Both these options can offer you plenty of functional space to fulfil the requirements of your family and match your current lifestyle. Unfortunately, often homeowners make mistakes while building a new home. 

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If you are about to start a new build project in Surrey, you should know some of the common mistakes that often homeowners make. In this blog, we will discuss these mistakes of new builds and how to avoid them.

Top 4 Mistakes Regarding New Builds

Not Understanding the Difference between New Builds and Custom Build

All the new builds are not necessarily custom build. Custom build is something where everything will be designed and developed based on your specific requirements. Though new builds can have customised features to match the requirements and budget of clients, custom builds are exclusively made.

Selecting the Home Builder Based on Price Only

Building a new home is not an expensive venture. However, that should not mean you would pick a home builder only because he offers a low price. There should be certain factors that you consider before hiring a particular service. You need to check their experience, reliability and credibility as a professional home builder. The price should also be an option, but not the only one.

Hire the Very First Builder You Come Across

If you plan to hire the very first home builder you meet at Dorking without checking any other option, it would be a costly mistake. You should at least talk to five different companies to know about their services and cost. Compare their costs, experience, quality and range of service. Choose the one which seems most affordable and reliable to you.

Overlooking the Details

While building a new home, there are lots of details that one must pay attention to. As the owner of the property, you should monitor the works of your home builders and have a close look at those details such as the HVAC, plumbing, insulation, guttering and others. The safety and durability of your new builds depend on these matters to a great extend. Hence, you should not ignore this matter.

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